Public Speaker
My early days as host and producer of the first poetry series dedicated to Caribbean-Canadian immigrant youth is where I honed my skills as public speaker. Whether sitting on a film production panel in Fort Lauderdale, speaking to creative youth at a conference in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines or delivering the Keynote address at the Partners Conference for the Pan American Games Organizing committee, sharing thoughts and philosophies that uplift through verbal expression is my ultimate joy.
Motivational Speech
“An Act Of Kindness” Life & Light Ministries Toronto, Canada
TRT 7 minutes
Keynote Address
Pan American Games Organizing Committee, Partners Conference CN Tower Toronto
TRT 4 minutes
ROBERT YOUNG | YEAR OF "NO FEAR" | Uncut Interview with Eric Ham.

At the Juneteenth 2021 Retrospective & World Premiere of "The Crucifixion" Robert Young sat down for an intimate chat conducted by BBC and Washington Diplomat Analyst and Writer Eric Ham. The talk was entitled "A Salon: From Crucifixion to Resurrection".

TRT: 1 hour
202Creates 2021 Commencement Speech
DC Office of Creative Affairs invites Robert Young to deliver the Commencement Speech for the 202Creates Graduating Class of 2021
TRT 11 minutes
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