The Parent Company, Raconteur Seven {R7} LLC
Raconteur Seven, LLC, also known as R7, is a strategic communications and creative content services company that thrives on weaving captivating narratives for brands, events, governments and philanthropic organizations around the globe.
With a unique blend of creativity know-how and strategic insight, we specialize in crafting compelling stories that resonate with both local and global audiences to deliver impactful results for our clients. 
Built on a history of excellence, R7 acquired renowned post-production house VGY Productions Inc. and international visual production studio Kiss Creative Films, LLC in 2010. The acquisition brought together a powerful network of creatives, communication professionals, and fabrication experts who together have been delivering quality creative content and strategic communications for our clients for over 30 years.
Our diverse range of problem-solving and marketing services encompasses all elements of brand strategy, content creation, and campaign creation with the use of compelling literature, photography, film, art, and activations. From thought-provoking campaigns to engaging brand identity strategies, our team led by veteran Storyteller Robert Young is dedicated to helping our clients establish a strong brand presence and forge meaningful connections with their target market. With Raconteur Seven as your partner, prepare to embark on a storytelling journey that will elevate your brand's narrative to new heights and leave a lasting impression on your audience. 
As a company, health, wellness, and personal development are the cornerstone of all the creative services that we provide. We believe our focus on authentic messaging is the key to the success of our unique client engagements.
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