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“With Fore Artsake, filmmaker/writer Robert Young has created a world of characters I want to know and experience. The story unfolds with care, emotion and passion. I want to see where Robert Young takes me next.”
— Alejandra Sosa | Director Communications, Directors Guild of Canada
Imagine Jean-Michel Basquiat was paralyzed by the director of the Museum of Modern Art in a freak car accident and was left battling depression induced by his inability to paint. This is Fore Artsake.
Jacob Holden is a brilliant painter who hides his masterpieces in his bedroom. When he’s paralyzed in a freak accident, he not only looses one of his artworks but also his will to live.

A rebellious, self-taught artist struggles to cope with depression when his only therapy, his ability to paint, is seemingly taken away from him when he is hit by a car and paralyzed. His compassionate aunt, loving girlfriend, and loyal best friend try frantically to uplift his spirits and nearly succeed until he becomes privy to a perceived betrayal that sends him spiraling out of control.

The story takes place in a visually stunning metropolitan city primarily in 3 locations: the Holden apartment, a high-rise in the heart of the city, These Eyes Lounge, a modern speakeasy notoriously known for showcasing the city’s most talented underground artists, and The National Art Gallery, a masterpiece in architecture featuring a remarkable collection of international artworks.

Jacob Holden, early 20’s, old-soul, introvert, master artist. Violet Holden, mid 40’s, slender, attractive, spirited, compassionate aunt. Sharon Reynolds, early 20’s, stylish, messy hair, stunning, loving girlfriend. Austin Brown, mid 30’s, muscular, humble demeanor, powerful voice, loyal best friend. Matthew Harrison, late 40’s, distinguished, meticulous National Art Gallery director.

Fore Artsake dynamically examines, the passion of creativity juxtaposed against the struggle of unexpected life circumstances and the emotional impact it has on one’s perception of tragedy over triumph.

“For life is but the journey that cannot be judged before the bend.” 
- Austin Brown

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