In Response To A Global Pandemic And Issues Of Inequality, A 150ft Public Art Activation Looks To Unmask Fear

Partners: United GC.

Services Provided: Creative Direction, Photography, Experiential Activation Design, Print Production, Exposition Installation.

The Unmask Fear campaign was first activated in Washington DC’s NoMa neighborhood. When I first arrived in the Nation's Capital, on the heels of the pandemic becoming a national emergency, I maintained my peace of mind by walking literally everywhere. Along the National Mall, in juxtaposition to both existing and impending chaos, I found inspiration in the solace of the quarantined-caused quiet streets.

It was at that point that I approached United GC’s owner Nate Lewis about turning the side of his office into an outdoor art gallery. The goal was to provide some tangible inspiration for people walking by and also to celebrate the launch of DCequalsHOME.com, a Lifestyle Design Studio that uses profits from the sale of art merchandise to sponsor large-scale community activations.
When Nate said yes, my first mission was to paint the 150ft wall matte black to give my 15 and 18 ft prints a blank canvas to be displayed on. Just weeks before we were set to begin the installation, George Floyd was tragically killed. The subsequent outrage lead to growing protest which, coupled with the existing pandemic, made for an almost apocalyptic energy in the air. Fear was at the center of it all and thus the drive to complete the activation as soon as possible was paramount. Through the concerted effort of my incredible team of painters, printers, and installers the Unmask Fear campaign was brought to fruition.
Unmask Fear / This Too Shall Pass Installation

This activation was my small contribution to the healing of hearts and minds. This message for the community was expressed not only through the display of 150ft of large-scale photographs on display in the DC community of NoMa, but also through the teamwork of our culturally diverse partners including R7, Printers Cove and United GC as well as our exterior painters and installation crew. Without this remarkable group of human beings, this project could not have been made possible.
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